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Extensions can come in a variety of shapes and sizes but if you reside in a Crumlin home with a garden or in a townhouse with limited extra space outdoors, building more space is always an option, especially with the help of a good Architect and Contractor.
With skies rocking costs in residential properties around Crumlin, a great deal of people are choosing to add extensions to their homes rather than moving into a new and more spacious property. For people with growing families that need more space but need to keep costs down, house extensions in Crumlin make the most sense to keep up with your need for more space without breaking the bank.

House extension finished by Premier Builders in Crumlin
At Premier Builders design and build contractors, we do not just work with your personal preferences, we also work with your budget to make sure we handle the house extension in Crumlin cost, to ensure there are no hidden costs!
At Premier Builders, we make our house extension in Crumlin project plan a cohesive effort with the input of our customers so you can get the home you have always wanted. We also make an attempt to handle the home construction cost to stay within the budget while also supplying the best options and our experience for a safe and comfortable home extension in Crumlin.

Crumlin Home Extensions

The choices with house extensions Crumlin plans range from the more traditional extensions to the modern. The beauty of a home extension in Crumlin is that you may find an extra distance from scratch which means it is open to all kinds of ideas. You can opt for a more sustainable area with a great deal of natural lighting, a new room with a more open feel to it, or those glass walls you’ve always desired, the options are endless.
Extending your home has been fast and simple solutions for a good deal of homeowners in north and south Crumlin who have a growing need for more space. It can be anything from stretching a kitchen to getting a new living room for the family.
The growing popularity of house extensions in south Crumlin and surrounding areas are mainly due to the rising demand for more space together with the increasing costs of getting your own home. But with a very simple building work, you can have the additional space you’ve always wanted without the hassle and high costs of moving to another property.
Although the expense of new construction is not a quick decision, it will add value to your Crumlin home and change your entire property.

Top Quality House Extension Crumlin

Increase Your Property Value With A Home Extension

Whether you want the ideal kitchen extension or dining area which you dream about for entertaining guests, additional bedrooms, bathrooms or a nice quiet study, we can turn your fantasies into reality. We will work with you to decide the size, shape, windows, electrical fittings and doors, including all of the important finishing touches, either it be in north Crumlin or South Crumlin. We can help you whether you plan to extend or renovate.
Also, as you may know house extension plans are all about optimizing the spaces that you already have or didn’t know that you had. You can take a cellar put in and”build down” as more and more home owners that are based in Crumlin tend to do. You can create a living area in your attic. Or you could turn the small patio which you have into a terrace. Building an excess space is all about making the most of what you currently have.

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