Kitchen Refurbishment

Kitchen Refurbishment and Renovation, Bespoke Kitchen Design & Installation

Premier Builders provide quality tradesmen that could attend to any kitchen requirement. Premier Builder's highly skilled Kitchen Refurbishment experts are skilled in carpentry, tiling and plumbing to ensure your Kitchen is done to perfection. Our team will see out the Kitchen renovation from start to finish - from Bespoke Kitchen Design to Kitchen Installation and make ensure you'll be happy with your Kitchen. Whether it's a small kitchen refurbishment or a large house renovation we can cater for all your needs.

Kitchen Refurbishment Vs Kitchen Makeover

Let us first explain the terminology.  Many customers and renovation businesses use both of the phrases refurbishment and makeover interchangeably.  Nevertheless, both conditions can mean quite different things to different individuals. Kitchen makeover Some clients who contact us with a view to refurbishing their kitchen really want more of a makeover or a revamp.  However, what's contained in a makeover?  A kitchen remodel is the sprucing up of existing components on your kitchen like:
  • Replacement of kitchen doors
  • Replacement of drawer fronts
  • Change of door handles
  • A new worktop
  • changing existing sink to get a stainless steel sink unit
Kitchen makeovers can make a real difference to a worn and outdated kitchen.  It's correct that you are unlikely to ever attain the high end feel and custom design of a complete refurbishment, but in case you've got a somewhat limited budget then it might be the best choice for you.

The quickest and easiest way to enjoy a brand new kitchen

Once the doors of your kitchen cabinets drop off their hinges, even when not one appliance appears to function as planned, when your sinks are constantly obstructed, and as soon as the cheerful colours of your walls have long since faded... you know it's time for an update.  Okay, we sort of went too far there, sorry.  But regardless if you're looking for a simple worktop or cabinets refurbishment or require a thorough kitchen recovery, Premier Builders will remain nearby to care for everything.  And here are some of the advantages that include our services:
  • The electrical wiring in your kitchen will be handled by a qualified electrician
  • Any fitting and installation  Jobs will be performed by knowledgeable and tidy handymen
  • An experienced plumber will ensure that all plumbing works are done to a very high standard
  • Your kitchen will benefit from custom-built MDF or solid wood kitchen cabinets, doors, floorings, and even partition walls

Full Kitchen refurbishment

A refurbishment or kitchen renovation in the truest sense is the complete modernisation of a kitchen that will involve ripping out of your present kitchen and starting again with a blank canvas.  The objective of a renovation would be to completely redesign your kitchen area and make a room tailored to your needs and desires.  A refurbishment will enable for you to include new appliances that could be tastefully and seamlessly integrated into the new kitchen.  Other features of kitchen renovations are under.  Not all aspects will apply to all renovations.

  • Plastering and/or painting/or tiling of the walls
  • Reconfiguration of gas pipes, plumbing and electrical sockets and switches
  • Installation of new lighting
  • New flooring laid (wooden, tiled, marble etc)
  • Replacement of foundation units, cupboards and drawers with brand new custom components
  • Extractor fan installation And much more besides

As stated, not all facets mentioned above will apply to all refurbishments jobs, but there's a clear difference between a "easy" kitchen make over and a refurbishment.  Our Dublin kitchen refurbishment service is project managed and client centred.  Your wants and desires are at the center of our work and we collaborate with you to ensure the subsequent kitchen is precisely what you would like.

Kitchen Refurbishment Price

In Ireland the average price of a brand new kitchen is Roughly €10,500 and in Dublin that climbs to Roughly €12,500. But keep in mind that this cost doesn't contain the price of ripping out the old kitchen and installing the new kitchen.  Additionally, this figure doesn't contain the cost of any structural alterations which may be required like removing a wall or quite similar.  Further, it's only an average and the price of your kitchen refurbishment is completely dependent on what your requirements are and they kind of kitchen you would like. German kitchens, contemporary high gloss kitchens and Italian kitchens may include a higher cost.  Additionally, the degree of customisation you need and the kinds of finishes and materials you select will also have an influence on the kitchen refurbishment price.
  Of course everyone wants value for money and that is why our staff will work with you to help you attain the very best kitchen renovation potential for your budget.  It's a fact that the kitchen is very much the center of the home and the area that sees a great deal of foot fall.  It's the room that has the capacity to show signs of tear and wear more prominently than other rooms.  It's for these reasons that when planning your new kitchen we will help you decide on the perfect kind of materials that aren't only high in quality but that will also give the best level of durability.
  A complete renovation as explained in the above section can have many unique kinds of work involved.  A renovation that contains new floors and the shifting of gas pipes and pipes will obviously cost more than a renovation that does not.  Similarly, if you would like new lighting installed to supply a particular ambience then the price increases.
  A kitchen ought to be built to last and refurbishing your kitchen isn't something you embark on daily.  The last thing you need is to do is opt for a affordable kitchen refurbishment just to have to overhaul again in 5 or 6 years because of poor quality materials and installation.

What our tradesman can help you with?

  • Installing new sinks and faucets;
  • Fitting various kitchen appliances at optimal spots;
  • Mounting new backsplashes and light fixtures;
  • Designing and installing countertops;
  • Refurbishing kitchen cabinets;
  • Replacing kitchen doors and fitting door hardware;
  • Priming walls and applying a final coat of paint;
  • Performing various plumbing & demolition tasks;
  • Doing sub floor preparation and flooring installation;
  • Selecting, ordering, and delivering all required materials to your doorstep;
  • Refreshing the look of any old kitchen furniture.

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