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  • Lowering ceilings to realize a Loft Conversion

  • When considering a loft conversion for your home, the to start with detail to create is no matter if the present height in your roof is tall ample. The common rule of thumb measurement is 2.2m from the major of the existing ceiling joists to the underside of the ridge – that’s the level in the center of the roof.

    If your roof is reduce than 2.2m it commonly implies a legal loft conversion is not achievable, as the concluded peak inside the loft would be under 2m. Even so, as an alternative, to create the necessary height expected to obtain a habitable loft area, your current ceilings to your upstairs rooms can be eliminated and the new structural flooring can be produced at a decrease level than the original ceiling. Although this might slightly eat into the primary top of your upstairs rooms, this will build the height vital for your new loft conversion. 

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    You ought to be knowledgeable that for this approach, you will have to vacate your home even though this perform is carried out. The period of this operation is normally 2 weeks and will appear at the quite commencing of the build.

    For a additional thorough glimpse, you can see this procedure in motion when we ended up highlighted on The Home Channel’s ‘Make My Home Bigger’

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