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Premier Builder Is A Specialist Tiling And Flooring Service Of The Maximum Quality

Fully experienced in all aspects of external & internal tiling processes, from preparation & repairing to cleaning & restoration, we supply a complete tiling service for many applications. Please see our listing of services for a more detailed view.
  We specialise in all types of tiling, different materials which range from ceramics, metal, glass, porcelain & natural stone - slate, limestone, travertine, granite & marble. Mosaics to large format, all fixing utilises the market leading adhesives & grouts available to suit the application.
  Improve your kitchen or your bathroom with our stylish tile layouts or enable us to turn your designs into reality. Our fully trained professional tile fixers can assist with advice on layouts, colors, improving, restoration, tiling & sealing. 

Residential and Commercial Tiling

Residential Tiling and Commercial Tiling are somewhat different from every other. Tiles can be majorly rated as appropriate for residential, commercial and industrial regions. Tiling services are when categorized into 1 to 5 inches, 1 is the lightest and 5th being the hardest. Grade 1 Tiling is more significantly utilized in residential regions. Grade two Tiling is prominently utilized for walls in the regions experiencing mild traffic. Grade 3 Tiles are installed in residential in addition to commercial regions with mild traffic. They are most suited to withstand many programs around the house, inside and outside. Grade 4 Tiling is best suited to commercial regions because it's extremely hard yet appealing where as Grade 5 tiles are best for industrial uses because of their durability. These days because the lines dividing the mentioned grades have gotten quiet blurry, we frequently opt for Grade 4 tiling when it comes to kitchens, living areas and outdoor areas because of their enhanced durability.

Our Dublin Tiling Service Types:


Waterproofing wall and floor, interior or exterior applications, shower walls, shower floors, balconies, retaining walls


Screeding floors, shower bases, balconies, terraces, entire floors

Self levelling

Self levelling concrete slab floors, cement sheet floors, bathrooms, laundries, terraces, balconies

Wall Tiling

Porcelain tiling, marble tiling, kerlite tiling, soap holders

Floor Tiling

Laying tiles (porcelain, ceramic, marble, kerlite, glass tiles, etc.)

Shower bases

Install hob, screed to form fall, install puddle flange, install shower grate (smart tile, grill, square waste, etc.)


Grout tile joints using sanitized flexible grouts


Seal corner joints using acetic based silicones or neutral cure.

Shower screens

Custom shower screens, frameless shower screens, high quality Irish made, certified.

Impact-Resistant Flooring at a Reasonable Price

Tile And Stone Flooring Dublin

We've been serving for all your tile needs for more than ten years, covering every and every corner of Dublin. We're well renowned for our high quality finish and advanced designs in Dublin and certainly the number 1 choice in Dublin. Able to alter the appearance, character, and design of interior and exterior surroundings our tile and stone flooring helps Dublin residents improve the condition of their properties.

Office Tiling

We're the finest Dublin tiling company which offer professional tiling services for both residential and commercial customers.
When picking tiles for an office environment, it is best not to find the ones that you would normally get for your home. First thing you require to do is to analyze the environment of the office. If it is a corporate environment, the tiles require to present the least amount of distraction to your workers, so that they can properly focus on their job.

Restaurant And Bar Tiling

Professional Dublin tiling services for the domestic and commercial markets, Specializing in underfloor heating, wet rooms, bathrooms renovation, kitchens remodeling, and all kinds of wall and floor tiling.
If you are trying to start a new restaurant or pub or just overhaul the appearance of an existing 1, make a notable first impression by utilizing superior tiles and installation services. You can find the latter from Premier Builders, a competent tiling contractor, which has quite similar projects throughout Dublin and its surrounding areas.

Bathroom Tiling

With the huge array of tiling materials and colour choices available, the only challenge is choosing the layout which is most pleasing to your eyes, and there are loads of them. The tiles are produced from every possible substance you could consider, which range from the typical ones to the more exotic: ceramic, porcelain, metal, glass, terracotta, natural stone, wood clay, leather or fossil. They also come in a fantastic variety of sizes and shapes. In addition to that, you can improve the layout with accessories, like accent tiles.
  There is no better place to have a breather after a long and tiring day of work than within a soothing bubble bath in your sleek, new bathroom, wishing you could stay inside forever. But what if your dream bathroom remains only a dream? This is where Premier Builders comes in, Dublin's bathroom and shower cabin tiling specialists, able and ready to turn it into reality. Impressing your guests can not be any simpler than with a bathroom that is tiled from the floor to the ceiling.
  As experts in bathroom tiling, we concentrate on even the tiniest of details, ensuring everything we do is flawless, and you as our customer, is satisfied of our job and your new bathroom. If you feel like your bathroom needs a refreshing change, do not hesitate to contact Premier Builders today.

If you are unsure what to choose for your shower cabin tiling, a number of the most popular types of bathroom tiles are:

Ceramic tiles: They come in 2 kinds: glazed and unglazed. Glazed tiles are either plain or decorated and are acceptable for both the floor and walls. Since they are smooth with no pores, they are really easy to clean and come in a huge assortment of colours. The key disadvantages against the unglazed ones are they are less resistant to slips and scratches. Because of this, unglazed tiles are a excellent shower cabin tiling option.

Glass tiles: These are a proceeding trend in these past years, because they have become far less expensive. What is great about them is that they can be utilized to make beautiful and special designs, as a result of their capacity to reflect light, highlighting every tile. Glass tiles require somewhat more expertise to install, but the last appearance of your bathroom tiling is well worth the effort.

Quarry tiles: They have been manufactured in the Ireland for centuries. Quarry tiles are produced by extruding natural clay or shales, and after that fired at a temperature of 2000 F°. They can be found in black, white and terracotta. Terracotta means "baked earth", because of the brown-orange colour. As it is porous, it requires a suitable ceramic sealant to fill the pores. You can find the glazed version to repair this problem.

Porcelain tiles: They may also be considered ceramic tiles, but with an extremely low water absorption rate. Porcelain is made of kaolin clays, silica, quartz and feldspar, heated at about 2200 F°. It is very durable and, even in the event that you manage to scratch or chip on the surface, you won't notice, as it is made from the exact same material from the top to its base.

Tiling Your Bathroom Or Kitchen Has Never Been Easier

Premier Builders can assist you with professional tiling services in Dublin. We can send specialist tile fitters to your place that will remove the older ones and set the new with minimal hassle. Soon you'll have the ability to enjoy your newly tiled bathroom, kitchen, or floor in any other area. We provide you with 1 of the quickest and most reliable ways to take care of this specific sort of home improvement. The specialists will be certain that you're pleased with the work they have done. For easy reference, here you can take a look at some advantages that come with this service:
  • Acceptable for all Types of rooms and properties;
  • Time-saving, efficient, and flexible service;
  • All tools and equipment are brought by the specialists;
  • Extra materials could be purchased and delivered to your location;
  • You pay for the actual period that the service take

Laminate Engineered Solid Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring isn't really real hardwood flooring but appears like it, together with all the look being supplied by a photographic picture of wood. Laminate flooring can frequently be more lasting and tough than real wood flooring as it's manufactured from compressed fibers and contains a melamine wear layer.
  Premier Builders can provide and fit a wide assortment of Laminate / Engineered / Solid Wood floor styles, colors and finishes for both domestic and commercial uses. We've got plenty of expertise in fitting laminate flooring in many unique rooms, consisting of the living room where we could also advice you on choices which work around wiring, offering a neat and tidy solution.
  If you want to go over your thoughts, options or any other part of your Laminate / Engineered / Solid Wood Flooring we'd be more than delighted to offer our advice, so please get in touchwith

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is tough, scratch resistant, waterproof and durable, while also being 1 of the least expensive flooring types. It is water resistant nature makes it perfect for use in wetter rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen. Vinyl floors can be found in a wide assortment of styles and layouts, which may mimic timber, tiles, stone and even metal, offering a selection of various different colors and hues.
Premier Builders Tiling & Flooring Services are experienced fitters of vinyl flooring. We can match vinyl flooring thoroughly at your home or business premises. We can provide and match the flooring in tiles, vinyl or sheets planks. Whether you need something simple and simple or an elaborate, creative design, we can assist.

Get Exquisite Victorian Flooring In Dublin

Whether you're building a new building or renovating an old 1, Victorian flooring is the best way to go. Juxtaposed with contemporary office exteriors and interiors, Victorian age tiling makes a unique blend with modernism and provides your commercial area a gorgeous look. Premier Builders are your number 1 choice for high quality Victorian flooring in Dublin.
  We're specialists in Victorian floor tiles and can create bespoke mosaics with a Victorian look or texture. We sell our goods as loose or constructed tiles or bespoke sheets. Our innovative designs are excellent for Victorian pathways, hallways, bathrooms, waiting regions and seminar halls. Our Victorian tiles may also be used in pubs and restaurants.


Premier Builders's professional contractors install underfloor heating systems which come to the rescue of homeowners from both an aesthetic and an economic standpoint. Such a system may be utilized as the sole source of heating for a room. Being also cheap to operate, it is an exceptional option for a building extension that otherwise would take a new heating system.
  It's the best solution for heating a complete household just as much as it's for individual rooms, be it a kitchen or a bathroom. It may be utilized as a primary heat source or a secondary 1, meant to solely maintain your feet warm. It can be readily implemented by accredited professionals on any sort of projects: renovations or new-builds.

  Warm-up undertile heaters reach their operating temperature within 20 minutes when installed in an insulated floor, letting you heat particular rooms at specific times effortlessly. They're also guaranteed for the duration of your floor.
  We advise to always pick a leveling compound over your underfloor heating system to protect it during the floor fitting or during future floor repairs, if any will become essential. The underfloor heating system is durable and reliable, given the cables are not damaged.
This system may be utilized under most if not all floor finishes, consisting of wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate, stone and tile.


An excellent means of decorating your home is by using tiles. The kitchen space is 1 of the rooms for which tiling is in fact the ideal option. It is available in all materials, sizes and colors, so you won't need to compromise your interior design for the practicality of tile decoration.
Layout wise, it is possible to go an assortment of paths. Whether you need a minimalist appearance, a contemporary style or a conventional method, your home inside will be what you want it to be as you can get as creative as you want by using tiles. Grant your kitchen perfectly balanced proportions and clean lines, a distinctive blend of colors, freedom, a contemporary, person and homely feel or even classic contours, distinctive flair and style with an extremely accurate attention to detail.
  The easy to clean and maintain characteristic of wall and floor tilling does not get more useful than in a kitchen. After having it tilled, you can forget about wasting hours and hours on cleaning up, on applying a new coating of paint or whatever it might take on your kitchen to possess and maintain a clean facet. Simply wash your tiles from time to time and revel in a clean, sterile environment which will beautify your home for years to come.
  Your dream kitchen is coated with durable, versatile, attractive, yet inexpensive surfaces. Give it an elegant and practical finish by minding your job to Premier Builders. Whether you decide on a complete overhaul or a simple refurbishment, you will end up having the layout you dream of.


Who said tiling was only for indoor spaces? You can also tile outside and decorate your doorstep, porches and patios.
Nevertheless, external tiling does not stop at pavements. Tiled exterior walls are proven to create a strong first impression. A well-executed exterior tiling can definitely finish off a backyard or terrace, welcome visitors into a home or beckon customers to a business. The ideal choice for exterior walls is a easy to keep, durable material with low porosity.
  For this purpose, our specialists in Premier Builders can help you make an area you'll be proud of by adding exquisite external tiles.
Your outdoor area will be both practical and appealing with the addition of durable and very low maintenance tiles which come in a number of sizes and colors. We'll ensure that your choice meets the slip resistance requirements suited for outside use. Should you require further clarification, talk to 1 of our managers.
  Whether you're enjoying the scenery in springtime, having delicious barbecues along with friends and family in the summer, shooting fireworks in fall or playing with snow in the winter, you may forge many memories on your outdoor space.

Wall & Floor Tiling Specialist

We cover all aspects of tiling, from small domestic jobs and fixes to larger commercial ones. A Few of the jobs we most frequently tackle and work on contain:
  • Obligation free visit/quote: our service’s starts with a no obligation visit to your home, where we can discuss your ideas, survey the room and answer any questions you may have;
  • All aspects of tiling: kitchen splashbacks, floor tiling, patios, hallways, stairs, pool tiling and much more;
  • Underfloor heating: imagine walking on those warm tiles, no more cold feet (subcontracted);
  • Waterproofing: professionally waterproofing all areas;
  • Sealing tiles: sealing tiles to ensure maximum longevity and easiest maintenance;
  • Re-grouting service: you love your tiles but they look old and tired, re-grout them, bring them back to life with our regrouting service.
  • Demolition: removal of old tiles/fittings; a complete service is provided including the removal and disposal of tiles, fittings and furnishings;
  • Preparation of tiling surface: plastering, boarding, levelling floors including removal of old decoration. Installing tiles in Bathrooms and Kitchens

Floor Sanding and Installation Experts - Premier Builders - Dublin

Premier Builders offers floor sanding and floor refinishing and wood floor fitting services. We started out as a little family business and over the last few years have grown to a medium sized business covering the Dublin area and the surrounding Counties. We operate on both domestic and commercial projects (bars, schools, hairdressers, etc). Premier Builders tradesmen are expert from the floor sanding, varnishing, oiling, staining; laminate floor fitting; parquet floor installations and solid wood floor installations. Our team have 10 years of experience in the flooring industry. We provide a choice of finishes to suit every floor and way of life. Premier Builders provides floor repairs and floors installation services (consisting of floor screeding, floor leveling, solid hardwood flooring installations, engineered floor fitting and laminate installations) in Dublin and surrounding regions. Commercial flooring services Parquet fitting Floor sanding and installation
  • We specialise in the following:
  • Removal and disposal of old flooring;
  • Preparing subfloor for floor installation (floor screeding, floor levelling);
  • Floor fitting (solid wood, parquet, engineered wood, laminate);
  • Skirting, beading installations.
  • Door/doorframe trimming
  • Wood floor installation to stairs
Floors are 1 of the principal components in the house and have to satisfy both aesthetic and technical requirements, which can be defined by the inside in the house. Floors installation choices are extensive and can be implemented in a number of situations which range from office buildings to state houses or from city apartments to commercial premises.

Kinds of floors the pros can install for you

  • Laminate flooring -- famous for being a less costly options and simple to install.
  • Parquet flooring -- you can pick from many different geometric patterns and shapes such as ladder, basket weave, chevron, or the traditional herringbone.
  • Solid wood flooring -- likely the most widely common flooring option.
  • Engineering hardwood flooring -- it's quite similar to hardwood but it's a different composition.
  • Particular flooring approaches we are fully capable to do
  • Glue Down -- utilized for engineered and solid wood flooring
  • Nail Down -- applicable for thicker and solid engineered planks.
  • Floating -- utilized for engineered wood flooring

Kinds of tiles you can choose from

Whether it is for your kitchen, bathroom or any other place, the specialist Dublin tilers can lay any sort of tiles. Here are some of the most commonly utilized types of tiles that you can opt for:
  • Natural stone
  • Mosaics and hand-painted tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Terra cotta tile
  • Splashbacks
  • Slab stone and lime stone
  • Glass block
  • Porcelain and quarry tile
  • Granite and marble
  • Colour and patterned tile
  • Mosaic,
  • Porcelain,
  • Slate,
  • Marble,
  • Vinyl,
  • Gglass,
  • Victorian,
  • Ceramic,
  • Natural rock.

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