Force washing a patio is a single of the fastest approaches of refreshing the look of your outdoor place. More than the years, it is usual for patio slabs to come to be soiled, obtain moss and lose their shine. To preserve the glance of your patio, it need to be jet washed at minimum once a yr. This is help slash down the accumulation of algae, dust and mildew built up (and keep it looking manufacturer-new!).

At the Handy Squad, we have been reworking patios in Dublin for yrs. So, we have the working experience and know-how to talk about all factors pressure washing. We supply stress washing products and services in Dublin and surrounding parts. Our qualified team can also stress clean paving stones, jet wash stone measures and regrout paving stones.

Pressure washing patio

When is the most effective time of the yr to strain wash a patio?

Spring and summer are the ideal seasons to strain wash patios. The commencing of spring is a excellent time to jet wash your patio – the temperatures started off to rise a little bit, so there will not be any unpleasantness of pressure washing in the chilly and you won’t operate the possibility of h2o freezing. Additionally, all around this time, you will possibly want to start out employing your patio once more or want to start out receiving it ready for summer time.

Will jet washing get rid of weeds?

Stress washing should not be utilized to clear away weeds growing from in amongst patio slabs. If weeds are escalating in the slab joints, it means that the grout is harmed, cracked or outdated and should be repointed. So, if you tension clean delicate grout, it will start off breaking even more. As an alternative, to get rid of weeds, it is advisable to implement a weed-killer.

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Power washing the streets
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What to do just after jet washing patio?

Right after pressure washing, you can apply a sealer to your patio. A water-based mostly sealer will protect surfaces versus stains to preserve them wanting their ideal. Even so, this action is optional.

Will pressure washing remove paint?

Of course, force washing can swiftly strip off aged paint from wood, steel, concrete and other exterior surfaces. This should really only be performed if you want to re-paint these surfaces. If you want to continue to keep your exterior surfaces painted, only force clean using a small-tension stream of water.

To take note: Lead paint must not be eliminated with a force washer. This variety of paint should be carefully contained when eliminated.

Pressure washing sidewalk

Will force washing eliminate mould?

You can use a strain washer to take away mould from exterior surfaces. Having said that, taking away mould will not cease mould progress. To totally take out mould and minimize the prospects of mould increasing, tension clean your surfaces and use mould-killing cleaning goods.


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